Love, Sex and Fantasy: Lets Go All IN

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Jimmy looked out of the window as the train made its’ way from London to the south coast. The countryside sped by but none of it registered with him, his thoughts were elsewhere, wondering how he was going to handle being back with his mother after what had happened.

Jimmy had what could be described as a very unusual relationship with his mother in that as well as being his mother, she was also his half-sister in that they both had the same father.

Perhaps l should take some time to explain. Sara was only thirteen when her father forced himself on her one night after he had been drinking. She struggled and tried to fight him off but by the time she had managed to wake her mother her father had managed to impregnate her. Her mother called the police and they promptly dragged him off, eventually presenting him to court where he received a lengthy prison sentence.

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It was only a few weeks after the incident that Sara discovered she was pregnant, the Social Services were involved by that time and they initially wanted to make arrangements for the pregnancy to be terminated however Sara could not bring herself to go through with it, despite what had happened, the thing inside her was a living being and she refused to allow them to destroy it.

Of course there were problems, Sara was still in school and a pregnant thirteen year old was not something that the system found easy to cope with. Luckily she had the support of her mother and when Jimmy was finally born it was her mother who took on most of the parental duties so that Sara could complete her studies.

Despite the problems, Jimmy remembered his childhood with affection, as far as he was concerned he had an older sister who doted on him. All through his early years, he referred to his grandmother as his mother and Sara as his sister. Sara completed her studies and rather than go to University she began training as a nurse in the local hospital. She had not had an easy time in school, despite the fact that she was in no way to blame for what had happened there were always groups of other girls who would make snide remarks about her. She only had one real friend that was Jenny, she had been a fiercely loyal friend from the start.

When Jimmy reached the age of thirteen, Sara and her mother sat him down and explained the situation. It took him some time to accept it, realizing that his sister who was thirteen years older than him was actually his mother. He began to realize why she had always been so protective of him, however, there were complications, especially with other boys in his class when they realized that Jimmy’s mother,(Sara), was a great deal younger and prettier than all the other mothers. His friends at school often referred to her as “hot” or “super hot” and as Jimmy progressed through puberty he started to take more interest in her. He had to admit there were times that he thought about her when he was masturbating but that was as far as it went, he couldn’t remember one occasion when there had ever been any contact between them that could be described as sexual.

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Looking back he knew that she had had boyfriends but none of them seemed to last. By the time he was sixteen his friends would often make comments, especially on hot summer days when she would wear her bikini in the garden, Jimmy had been proud that his mother was so attractive, she was thirteen years older than him but didn’t look it, at five foot four inches, long blonde hair, medium-sized boobs and a slim body with great legs, he could see what his friends saw in her and some of them would make suggestions about what they would like to do with her. Jimmy brushed it off, Sara may have been his mother but he thought of her as his big sister, she was fun to be with but there was never anything more between them, Jimmy had no trouble getting girl friends and they were more than ready to satisfy his sexual needs.

By the time he had been accepted for University in London, his grandmother had formed a relationship and had both moved to Spain with her new husband. Just before he left for Uni, Jenny moved into the house next door with Henry her big golden retriever following the break up of her marriage, Jimmy was happy that his mother would have her best friend so close when he was moving away.

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Back to the present day and Jimmy was staring out of the train window as the train skirted the coastline, the sight of a beach made him recall that day when everything had changed. He had been home for the Easter break and it was his last day. It was a hot day and Sara suggested they spend it at the beach. Initially it had been like any of the many times they had spent there, they had played together in the surf, eaten ice creams and sun bathed. Jimmy could put the change down to one comment that she had made.

“Do you think l should go topless?” She’d said.

Jimmy had just looked at her.

“Jenny thinks l should go topless,” she said, “she says she would if l do, what do you think?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” he replied.

“Liar,” she giggled, “l’ve seen you looking at Jenny’s boobs when she wears her bikini, her boobs are better than mine.”

“No they’re not,” he said.

“How do you know, you’ve never seen my boobs since you were a baby when l fed you.”

“Did you really feed me?” He said.

“For a short while,” she replied, “but it was difficult with me being in school and with my nipples leaking all the time so l had to stop, the doctor gave me some pills to dry my milk up and Mum took over the feeding with bottles.”

Jimmy had gone quiet for a moment.

“So what do you think?” She said, “Should l go topless, there are a few others topless on the beach, would it bother you?”

“If you want to do it it’s none of my business,” he replied.

“I’m going to do it,” she said, and with that she quickly removed her bikini top. “There, what do you think?”

Jimmy knew he had gone bright red in the face as he stared at his mother’s breasts for the first time.

“You don’t have to stare,” she said, “l’m sure they’re not the first tits you’ve seen, l bet your girlfriends have stripped off plenty of times.”

“That’s different,” he replied, “you’re my mother.”

“And your sister,” she giggled, she turned to face him, “so, what do you think, l know they’re not big but they are still nice a firm, here”, she handed him the sun lotion, “put some of that on me, l don’t want them to get sun burn.”

Jimmy hesitated.

“Don’t be silly Jimmy,” she said, “look at that chap over there, he’s massaging his wife’s boobs, looks like he’s enjoying it too, come on, put some lotion on my back.”

He took the lotion and started applying it to her back.

“Now my front,” she said after a few minutes, she laid back on the beach towel.

Jimmy poured some lotion onto her tummy and started massaging it in.

“Don’t forget my boobs,” she giggled.

Tentatively he allowed his hands to travel up to the mounds of her breasts.

“Mmmm, that feels nice,” she said as he lightly massaged them. “It’s been a while since l had a man’s hands on my boobs.”

Jimmy felt her nipples hardening as his hands brushed over them. Instinctively he began to squeeze her breasts and circle her nipples with his fingers.

“Oh yes, that’s lovely,” she sighed, closing her eyes.

Jimmy began to enjoy what he was doing, he had to adjust his position in order to disguise the growing erection in his shorts.

“That’s enough,” she said suddenly, “l don’t want you getting any ideas, l am your mother after all.”

Jimmy quickly took his hands away, rubbing them on his chest to remove the lotion. In doing so he had forgotten about his erection and noticed her staring down at his lower tummy at the tent pole in his shorts. She just moved her eyes up to his face and giggled but said nothing.

The rest of the afternoon there was a change in the atmosphere, neither of them mentioned it but it was obvious there had been a change in their relationship. Eventually Sara said she was hungry, they both dressed and made their way home, stopping at a take-away to pick up a meal.

All through the meal they had said very little, there was a definite tension between them.

“This is your last evening,” she said eventually, “shall l make some popcorn and we can watch a film together, l would like that.”

Later they sat together on the sofa, Jimmy was still in his shorts and t-shirt, Sara was wearing a halter top and mini skirt. She cuddled up next to him and he put his arm around her, resting on her shoulder as he had done many times. They shared the popcorn as they watched the film but Jimmy found it difficult to concentrate on the movie.

“It was nice this afternoon,” she said.

“Yes it was,” he replied.

“What do you think of my boobs?” She asked, “are they good enough to go topless regularly?”

Jimmy hesitated but knew he had to reply. “They’re lovely,” he said finally.

“Do you really think so, you’re not just saying that.”

“No, l mean it, they are lovely,” he replied.

Suddenly she put the popcorn on the side table and before he could do anything she had straddled him, sitting on his knees facing him.

“Do you want to see them again?” She said, “l know you enjoyed feeling them.”

“Mum! What do you think you’re doing,” he said.

“Oh don’t be a stick in the mud,” she replied, “it’s just a bit of fun.”

She reached behind her and undid the bottom part of her top then lifted it over her head, tossing it across the floor leaving her naked breasts level with his face.

“Mum!” He said.

“Oh go on, you liked touching them on the beach, have a feel of them now.”

“Stop it Mum, get dressed, we can’t do this.”

“Oh go on, just give them a quick feel, you know you want to, it felt so good when you did it earlier, just a quick one, please.”

Jimmy was staring straight at his mother’s tits, he remembered how firm they had felt, how hard her nipples had been. He could tell her nipples were hard, he could almost see them pulsing. He reached for her placing each hand on her tits, he could feel how hard her nipples were.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice,” she sighed, “your hands are so gentle, most of the men l go with are rough, they always want to maul my tits, l don’t mind but it’s so nice that you are gentle.”

“Do you go with a lot of men Mum,” he said, gently squeezing her breasts the tracing his thumbs over her nipples.

“Mmmmmmm!” She sighed, “not that many, l’m not a slut.”

“I didn’t mean it like that,” he replied, “it’s just l can’t remember you having a boyfriend.”

“I’ve never wanted a regular boyfriend,” she said, “sometimes l fancy a bit of fun and if l go to a bar l can usually get chatting to a decent looking fella, if l fancy him l’ll let him take me somewhere quiet or in his car and we do it there, l don’t want a relationship, just sex.”

As she spoke, Jimmy’s hands became more urgent, he began massaging her tits, rolling her nipples. She responded by putting her hands on his chest, dragging her nails over his nipples and despite the material of his T-shirt it sent a shiver through his body.

“Would you like to see my pussy?” She said, and before he could respond she lifted her skirt to reveal a tiny thong. She pulled it to one side and Jimmy could see her completely smooth pubis and her labia protruding from her cunt.

Jimmy wanted to push her away, to stop this madness but he just froze, staring at her cunt.

“Do you like shaved pussies?” She said, “Jenny and l do each other, what do you think, do you like it,” she giggled, “that’s the pussy you came out of.”

“Mum, stop this,” he said, but even as he protested he made no effort to push her away.

Sara pushed his T-shirt up to reveal his chest, she pinched his nipples hard. “Do that to me,” she said.

Jimmy responded, pinching her nipples hard.

“Oh god yes!” She cried out, “now twist them.”

As he did her hands went to the top of his shorts.

“I have to see it,” she said, frantically undoing them, “l have to see your cock.”

Suddenly she stood up, quickly removing her skirt and thong then grabbing his shorts and pulling them down.

Jimmy knew he had to resist, he had to stop her but his body wouldn’t obey him, instead his eyes devoured her naked body and he found himself lifting his body to help her remove his shorts.

“Oh my god!” She said when his cock sprang free, “he’s so beautiful.”

She tossed his shorts away then sank onto her knees in front of him.

“He’s huge,” she said, gripping his cock with both hands. Even holding his shaft with both hands the bulbous head of his cock still protruded. “Oh my god he’s beautiful.”

Jimmy’s head was banging, this was total madness, but then she bent forward and her lips slipped over the head of his cock and suddenly he didn’t care any more. He felt her mouth slide down his shaft, her mouth felt so warm and welcoming. He felt the head reach the back of her throat but still she forced herself down onto him. None of his girlfriends had ever been able to take his cock fully into their mouths but this was different, he felt his cock forcing it’s way into her throat but still she didn’t gag, still she wanted more. It only lasted a few seconds before she released him, sitting back on her haunches, a big smile on her face.

“That felt so good,” she said, “was it good for you?”

“But we mustn’t do this Mum,” he said.

“Oh rubbish,” she said, “it’s only a bit of fun, you’re eighteen, if you tell me to stop l will.”

Before he could reply she took him into her mouth again, this time cupping and massaging his balls as she sucked on his cock. His hands went to her head, pushing her down as his hips rose. She fought him and sat back.

“No you’re not cumming in my mouth, not this time,” she said, “l want your first cum deep in my cunt.”

She stood up then straddled him again only this time she raised herself higher and held his cock, guiding him to the entrance of her cunt.

“We shouldn’t be doing this Mum,” he said, but even as he was saying the words he knew that what he wanted was to bury his cock in her hot cunt.

“That’s what makes it so much fun,” she said, “it’s so very naughty.”

She lowered herself onto him, sliding down his cock in one movement until she was sat on his lap with her cunt fully impaled on his cock.

“Oh my god that feels so good,” she sighed, “tell me it feels good for you baby.”

“You know it does Mum,” he said, “your cunt is so hot, it’s burning me.”

As she sat on him he felt the muscles in her cunt contracting, pulsing as she milked his cock.

“I can feel him throbbing,” she said, “oh he’s so big baby, l’ve never had a real man cock so deep inside me, suck my nipples.”

Jimmy leaned forward sucking each of her nipples in turn, then bit them gently. He felt her shiver and more heat engulfed his cock as her orgasm hit.

“Oh baby, you just made Mummy cum,” she giggled.

Jimmy felt the tension building inside him, he wanted more, he needed to fuck her. It was as if she could read his thoughts.

“Do it baby,” she said, “you know how much you want to, do it.”

She was so slim and light on top of him, it took little effort to hold her tight and stand with her still impaled on his cock.

“Yes baby,” she encouraged, “fuck Mummy, fuck her hard baby, she wants to feel that beautiful cock slamming into her cunt.”

He was beyond all control as he turned and almost threw her down onto the sofa. He was above her, still buried inside her.

“Yes baby,” she said, throwing her legs wide, “give it to me baby, ram that cock up me until you fill me with cum.”

The red mist had descended over his brain, only animal instinct was left as he began thrusting his cock into her, long smooth thrusts his pelvis colliding with hers with each thrust.

“Harder baby,” she yelled, “fuck Mummy like a whore.”

Suddenly she wrapped her arms across her chest and shuddered violently, liquid spurted from her cunt each time he thrusted into her. Her eyes rolled back into her head.

“Whore yes!” He said, ramming harder, “you’re my whore, my fucking whore mother.”

“Yes baby, anything baby, just fuck me, fill me with spunk baby,” she screamed.

Jimmy cried out as with one final lunge his cock exploded inside her, every muscle in his body contracted as he pumped a torrent of spunk into her. She shook violently again, hugging him, dragging her nails down his back as he humped into her emptying his balls. She bit his neck as she came again.

He collapsed on top of her, his cock still pulsing as it tried to give her every last drop of his spunk. Her cunt milked him, matching his pulsations, her legs wrapped round him, holding him deep inside her. Both of their bodies were covered in sweat, their bodies heaving.

Finally their bodies calmed, he was still on top of her, still buried inside her, but there was a calmness.

“Oh baby that was amazing,” she said, “no man has ever made me feel like that, l thought l was going to die with pleasure, l tried to count my orgasms but had to give up l just wanted more and more, oh baby.”

She kissed him and he responded, kissing her deeply their tongues searching each other as they held each other. She felt his cock pulsing once more, she broke away, smiling up at him.

“I think he wants me again,” she giggled, “l can feel him growing hard again, tell me you want me baby, tell Mummy you want to fuck her, Mummy’s your whore now baby, you can fuck her anytime you want, Mummy will never refuse, Mummy will do anything if it means having that beautiful cock inside her.”

She felt moisture dripping onto her face.

“Oh baby don’t cry,” she said, holding him tight, “it was the most wonderful thing that happened, don’t be sad baby.”

“But it’s wrong Mum,” he sobbed, “what we did was wrong, what l want to do is wrong, we can’t do this Mum.”

It took a great deal of effort to force himself to release her, to pull back, his semi hard cock slipping from her cunt. He looked down at her gaping cunt, spunk oozing from her, his spunk.

Sara wasn’t going to let him go, she sat up, wrapping her arms around his thighs, her mouth sought his cock, taking it into her mouth, tasting the mixture of his cum and her cunt juices.

Jimmy tried to push her away but there was no force in his effort, her mouth was working on him and he felt himself growing hard again.

Sara could sense victory, could feel him growing again in her mouth, she was determined not to let him go. She cupped his balls, massaging them gently the put one hand between his thighs. Her finger nail scratched the spot just behind his scrotum and she heard him groan, felt his cock react. She traced her finger to his anus.

“Oh god no!” He cried as her finger pressed against his bum hole.

Sara worked her mouth on his cock and despite his protest she felt him pulsing. She pushed her finger into his anus and instantly he cried out, grabbing her head and ramming his cock into the back of her throat.

“Oh you bitch, you fucking whore bitch!” He yelled as he gripped her head firmly and fucked her mouth, forcing his hardening cock into her throat,

Sara pushed her finger deeper into his arsehole, there were stars in her brain as she struggled for breath but she refused to give way.

Jimmy cried out again as he came, pumping what little spunk he had left into her throat as her finger massaged his prostate.

He finally pushed her away, watching her gasping for breath, spunk and saliva running from her mouth.

“Oh my god Mum, l’m so sorry,” he said, hugging her. “Look what l’ve done, oh Mum, what sort of animal am l.”

Sara held him tight, gasping as she recovered, she was unable to speak but had to show him that everything was all right. She did the only thing she could think of. Moving down his body, she kissed his cock.

They stayed hugging each other for what seemed like an age, neither wanting to release the other until finally he helped her back onto the sofa. He stepped back and sat in the armchair facing her.

He looked at her red eyes, the result of him choking her with his cock. Her lips were swollen, cum had dribbled from her mouth onto her chin and some had dripped onto her body. She was sitting with her legs splayed, he could see spunk leaking from her cunt.

“Don’t judge me baby,” she said, “please don’t judge me.”

“I’m not judging you Mum,” he replied, “l’m judging myself. I knew it was wrong from the start, l should have stopped it, l should never have treated you like that, l’ve never done that with any girl, if someone had said l could do that to a girl l would have been disgusted, l’m so sorry Mum.”

“It’s not your fault baby,” she said, “l wanted it, l set it up.”

“What do you mean?”

“That business at the beach about going topless, then getting you to massage my tits, it was all part of my plan to get you to fuck me.”

“I don’t understand,” he said, “there has never been anything like that between us.”

“Oh but l’ve wanted it baby,” she said, “why do you think l’ve never lasted with any man, it was because l wanted you and if Jenny hadn’t put the idea into my head l don’t think l would ever have gone through with it.”

“Jenny?” He said, “what’s Jenny got to do with it?”

“We were having a drink together one evening and she let it slip that she fancies you,” she said, “she commented how good looking you are and then said that you had a nice bulge in your jeans that she wouldn’t mind exploring. We had had a few glasses of wine and we started giggling, making up stories about what we could do with you, then it got serious and she started suggesting l should do something about it, the more we talked about it the more l wanted it so we made a plan, l almost chickened out then yesterday she told me l only had one day of your holiday left, it was now or never. So don’t blame yourself baby, l wanted it all, everything, including you treating me like a whore, l have no regrets baby.”

Jimmy was shocked to hear her admission and took a while to absorb it.

“I need to shower,” she said, breaking the silence. “I don’t think l will be very steady on my feet, will you come with me.”

He helped her to her feet and up the stairs. Once in the bathroom she stepped into the shower, Jimmy turned to leave.

“Don’t go,” she begged, “come and join me.”

She reached out, taking his hand, drawing him into the shower. They held each other under the cascading water then washed each other. His hands roved over her body and between her legs while she concentrated on his cock and balls. Soon he was rigid again, she turned off the shower and they dried each other.

“It’s your last night,” she said, “spend it with me, we don’t have to do anything, just sleep with me, hold me.”

It was never going to be like that, three times they made love during the night, once with Sara on top and once when she got on all fours and encouraged him to fuck her doggy style. Even after all that, when he finally woke in the morning it was to feel her head resting on his tummy as she gently kissed and sucked his cock, bringing him slowly to orgasm.

When it was finally time to leave there was little they could say to each other, they were both aware of the momentous situation. Jimmy ordered a taxi and when it came he loaded his suitcase and bag and left, hardly able to bring himself to look at her as she waved him off.

The journey back had been a blur, thoughts of his mother tumbled through his brain, he wasn’t sure how he was going to cope with what had happened.

During the term contact between them was sporadic, Sara had to rely on him calling her and when he did the conversation was stilted as each was afraid to say anything that would bring back memories of that night. Not that either of them had been able to think about anything else.

Eventually the summer break was approaching, Jimmy didn’t know how he would be able to cope with being near her again, his only solution was to tell her that he intended to spend the summer break back packing abroad. The disappointment in her voice when he told her was palpable, he could tell she was holding back the tears. When he ended the call he was angry with himself for not having the courage to face the situation full on. He fought with himself right up to the last minute then decided he had to go home, had to have the awkward discussion.

That was how he ended up on the train, he hadn’t told her he had changed his mind. It was dark by the time he arrived at the station, he took a taxi. Arriving home he let himself in, expecting to surprise her but she wasn’t there. After taking his luggage to his bedroom he went back downstairs. He discovered the back door unlocked and surmised that she must have gone next door to Jenny’s. There was a fence panel that had been removed so that they could pass back and fore between each other’s houses.

He opened the back door and went into the garden, looking across to Jenny’s house he saw there was a light on in her living room. He had thought a lot about Jenny while he had been away, remembering what his mother had told him. For as long as he could remember he had been fascinated by her, she was the same age as his mother but where his mother was slim with neat medium sized breasts Jenny was all curves with big breasts that bounced and jiggled when she walked. She often wore low cut tops and Jimmy loved any opportunity the look down her top when she bent over to see her tits hanging as if they were trying to fall out of her bra.

Those memories washed over him as he stood in the garden and he felt his cock hardening. His mother had told him that Jenny fancied him, was there any chance that he could fuck her, had his mother told her what had happened, was she describing to her best friend how he had fucked her and rammed his cock so far into her throat that she almost passed out. Suddenly he realised that he was standing there with his cock in his hand.

“I knew it was a mistake to come home,” he said to himself, but as he did he began to walk through the gap in the fence. As he approached the house he noticed that the living room curtains were not fully closed, there was a gap of about six inches. He crept silently across the patio until he could see through the gap.

He let out a sigh when he saw the scene in the living room. Jenny was sat on the sofa, she was completely naked her legs spread wide. His mother was also naked, she was on her knees on the floor, her face pressed against Jenny’s cunt while her hands were mauling Jenny’s huge tits.

Jimmy had to suppress a groan as he began stroking his cock, he stepped closer to the window safe in the knowledge that both women were totally engrossed in each other. He could see Jenny’s lips moving but with the double glazing he couldn’t hear what she was saying, she had her hands on his mother’s head, her fingers entwined in her hair as she pressed her face hard against her cunt.

He watched and saw his mother move back slightly, he could see a strange object protruding from Jenny’s cunt, there also seemed to be a part of it inserted into her anus. He realised it was some kind of double dildo and that his mother had been sucking on her clit while those fake cocks were pushed deep inside her.

He watched as his mother moved up Jenny’s body, kissing and sucking on her breasts, then moving up and kissing her on her mouth. As they kissed, his mother removed the dildos from Jenny’s cunt and bum hole then brought them up. His mother started kissing and sucking the one that had been in her cunt while Jenny kissed and sucked the one that had been in her arsehole. Jimmy thought his cock was so hard it was fit to burst.

His mother began moving back down, biting on each of Jenny’s nipples, pulling them with her teeth, she then moved back and pressed her mouth back to her friends cunt, he could see that as she did she managed to slide two fingers into Jenny’s gaping anus.

Jimmy couldn’t hold himself any longer, his hand was pumping his cock, he managed to stifle a groan as his cock exploded blasting jet after jet of cum onto the window. He watched the riverlets of white spunk slide down the glass as he added more to the mess.

He was about to step away when he saw his mother change position, she parted her legs and raised her bottom, he saw Jenny look across the room and say something, he wondered if there was someone else in the room, someone he couldn’t see through the narrow gap in the curtains. He waited a few moments then saw something approaching his mother, his breath had misted the glass so it wasn’t clear, at first he thought it was a cock pressing against his mother’s bottom then suddenly realised it was a dog’s nose.

He almost cried out as he realised that Henry, Jenny’s golden retriever, had his nosed pressed against his mother’s arsehole and that he was licking her anus and her cunt. It was obvious the dog had done this before, he saw his mother lift her face from Jenny’s cunt, look back and say something to the dog.

Suddenly Henry mounted her, resting his front paws on her back. He seemed to have some sort of cover on his lower legs, Jimmy realised that this must be a regular occurrence and that the covers were to prevent him digging his claws into her. Jimmy manage to move his position so that he had a better view of the dog, Henry was positioned behind his mother and Jimmy could see his cock protruding. His cock looked huge, bright red and angry looking. He watched as his mother reached back between her legs and as the dog moved closer she took hold of his cock and guided it towards her cunt.

No sooner did the tip of his cock make contact with her cunt that Henry lurched forward, ramming his cock deep into his mother’s cunt. He saw her mouth open as she cried out, then Jenny grabbed her by her hair and forced her face back against her cunt.

Henry was almost fully impaled in her cunt, his rear legs pushing him forward as he humped into her. Jimmy could just make out the large swelling at the base of his cock, Henry was pushing harder and harder until he finally got it inside her. His mother lifted her face from Jenny’s cunt as she cried out and Jimmy saw her body convulse in orgasm. She had reached up to Jenny’s tits and her fingers were digging deep into the soft flesh. He watched as her face pressed against her friends cunt, he saw Jenny cry out and hug herself as her body shuddered, as his mother’s head lifted he saw that she had Jenny’s clit between her teeth, stretching it. Suddenly a fountain of liquid gushed from Jenny’s cunt and Sara dived back down, taking it into her mouth. He could see her swallowing as Jenny filled her with her cunt juices.

Henry was still humping into her, he finally had his knot inside her his hind quarters jerking as he filled her with his doggy cum.

Jimmy was still pumping his cock and came again, adding more of his spunk to the mess on the window pane.

He watched as Henry tried to pull out but he was wedged inside her, then he turned and ended up facing away from her still connected by his cock. With a jerk he managed to free himself and a stream of doggy cum poured out of her cunt. Immediately she left Jenny’s cunt, turned and crawled underneath Henry, taking his cock into her mouth.

It was almost too much for Jimmy, seeing his mother sucking a dog’s cock then kissing it, licking his shaft and then sucking his balls. He noticed Jenny looking round the room and panicked, he backed away and quickly made his way back to his own house. He slumped onto a chair by the table, his head in his hands as he tried to make sense of what he had seen.

He lost track of time but assumed he had been there for about half an hour when the back door opened and his mother stepped in, she was naked, carrying her clothes, she looked freshly showered.

“Oh!” She cried in alarm seeing him sat there. “I thought you weren’t coming home.”

“I changed my mind,” he replied, “l thought we had to try and sort out what happened.”

Sara suddenly realised she was standing there naked, she wondered if she should dress but then thought that it wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen her naked before. There was a moment of silence.

“I came looking for you,” he said, “l saw you Mum, l saw everything.”

“Oh,” she replied.

“Dogs Mum,” he said, “you’re doing it with dogs, how could you.”

“Don’t judge me Jimmy,” she said, “don’t you dare judge me, not after what you did to me, oh l know you kept telling me it was wrong but that didn’t stop you from fucking me time and again, don’t deny you didn’t enjoy it Jimmy, l know l did.”

“I wasn’t surprised to see you doing it with Jenny,” he said, “l know you’ve been close friends since your school days, l’ve seen how fond you are of each other, but dogs Mum?”

“Not dogs plural,” she countered, “only Henry.”

The back door burst open and Jenny appeared, she was wearing a bathrobe but it was undone and her whole naked body was on display.

“We had a peeping tom,” she said to Sara, “the dirty bastard must have been wanking, l’ve got spunk all over my window.”

“Not a peeping tom Jen,” Sara said, “it was a peeping Jimmy.” She pointed across the room.

“Shit!” Jenny said suddenly seeing Jimmy sitting there, she grabbed her robe and hastily pulled it together to hide her nakedness.

“He saw everything Jen, including me with Henry,” Sara said.

“Oh!” Jenny replied, “perhaps l should go.”

“No stay,” Sara said, “you deserve to be part of this conversation, he might as well know everything, he says he wasn’t surprised that we are lovers but he doesn’t know that we have been lovers since before he was born. He also knows you fancy him,” she smiled.

“Mum!” He said, standing up.

“Oh wow!” Jenny shrieked, “l knew you said he was big Sue but l never thought that big.”

Jimmy saw that Jenny was staring at his crotch, he looked down and realised that in his hurry he had forgotten that his cock and balls were still hanging out of his trousers, not only that but the conversation with his mother, then seeing Jenny naked had caused his cock to reach almost full erection.

“Well it’s a shame to waste it Jen,” Sara said, “why don’t you let him show you what he can do with it.”

“Why not,” Jenny replied, slipping her robe off and letting it fall to the floor, “that is unless he has no spunk left after covering my window with it.”

This was a dream come true for Jimmy, for years her had fantasised over Jenny’s tits while jerking off, now he was faced with two beautiful women, naked and ready for him to do with as he wished. Suddenly the talk of his mother being fucked by a dog was put into the background, he had Jenny offering herself to him and he was determined to have her.

“Where do you want me big boy,” she smirked.

“Bend over and hold on to the table,” he said, “l want to see those big tits swinging when l fuck you.”

“Ooooh doggy style, we love doggy style don’t we Sue,” she giggled, “we like doggies and doggy style.”

She bent forward holding the table and spreading her legs wide. He stepped beside her and rested the tip of his cock against her anus.

“Oh you bastard,” she said, “at least let me get lubricated before you put it in there.”

He moved it down and parted her labia.

“Oh yes,” she said, “that’s a much better place.”

Without warning he gripped her waist and plunged his cock into her cunt, his tummy slapping against her bottom as he rammed it up her.

“Oh god that’s good,” she shouted, “you’re so lucky Sue, having a stud like this for a son, or is he your brother when he fucks you.”

“I prefer son,” Sara laughed, “it sounds so much sexier being fucked by my son.”

“That’s because you’re a pervert,” Jenny said.

“That’s good coming from a woman who sleeps with her dog every night,” Sara laughed.

Jimmy was in a world of his own, he began fucking her with rapid thrusts, ramming his cock as far into her as he could. Jenny took him easily, pushing back to meet each thrust.

Sara came up to his side, she kissed him then whispered in his ear.

“Shove it up her arsehole, good and hard,” she said.

He looked at her as she stood back, she winked at him.

With that he withdrew from Jenny’s cunt.

She groaned, but before she could work out what was happening he had placed his cock against her anus and with one thrust her was fully inside her.

“Oh you bastard,” she screamed, “you fucking sadistic bastard.”

“That’s no worse than the first time you got Henry to do it to me,” Sara said, “and l was an anal virgin then.”

Jimmy couldn’t hold back , he fucked her hard and deep but after just a few thrusts he knew he could last no longer, he grabbed her firmly, rammed into her one final time and unloaded his balls deep in her bowels.

Jenny shook from head to toe, she cried out as she came, squirting a fountain of liquid from her cunt.

Jimmy stayed deep inside her, his cock pulsing wildly although he was sure his balls must have been empty. Jenny was visibly sagging and he put his hands under her to support her.

“Let me have her,” Sara said, “pull out and let me have her.”

He pulled out and Sara helped her to lie across the table for support. Immediately Sara got on her knees behind her, parted her buttocks and applied her mouth to her anus, probing with her tongue to lick out her son’s spunk. She looked up at him briefly.

“Give her your cock to clean,” she said before returning to Jenny’s gaping arsehole.

Jimmy moved around and held his cock in front of Jenny’s face, she took hold of it and guided it into her mouth, sucking it in deep as she cleaned him. Jimmy’s head was spinning, so much had happened in such a short time he was having difficulty.

Sara lifted her mouth from Jenny’s anus, she looked up at her son, recognised he was struggling.

“Don’t worry baby,” she said, “this is only the start, it’s going to be a fabulous summer.”

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